Branding / Print

Have you ever asked yourself where these mechanics have originated from? Who is the original inventor behind it? What is the history? As kids, we would always imagine ourselves driving a race car, sailing a boat, or perhaps flying an airplane. Thus comes the name of the product to be branded and repackaged—Imagineer.

Originally, the toys were unnamed and could be found at the dollar store with very minimal packaging in cheap clear plastic bags. At the time, the product was targeted towards young children who liked to put together toys themselves. For the purpose of rebranding—the new target market was directed toward young teens to adults who liked to master their crafting of their toys as collectives.

The focal point of the logo is the wrench—a common tool used amongst engineers, paired with two bolts of the letter ‘I’s to tie it all together. The colour for the logo was chosen to relate to the insides of the packaging but also, the colour of blueprints.

The package contains five individual boxes for each toy—a race car, a truck, a sailboat, a limousine, and a bi-plane. The toys are opened by sliding out the parts container (keeping everything in one place), while the inside of the box opens up like a blueprint with instructions on how to build the toys.

These aren’t just a high end craft toy, they are also educational. On the back of each box is a mini biography about the engineer that pioneered that particular toy in the real world.