Hangry Health Bar

Branding / Print / Digital

Hangry Health Bar, the place to be for fresh nutritious food and drinks. Using nothing but local ingredients, they’re becoming a destination for all those who would like a meal that fits their lifestyle after a workout. With excellent service, they provide meal prep programs that will meet your demands and budget.

Like any business, a business name was essential upon starting anything. Actively being on social media and keeping up with the trends, Hangry is a term that many people have caught on to and started using. With great potential, the owners agreed upon the suggested word Hangry and moved forward with the branding procedures.

The challenge was to create a logo that had no icon, while capturing the atmosphere of what Hangry is all about. It was very important to match the wordmark with the industrial interior of the place—concrete and wood. The colours of the logo were chosen with the purpose of meeting that demand; grey to match with the interior elements while red gives contrast and has association with the word angry.

Keeping all the branding consistent was key. This meant all printed materials (such as business cards and flyers), window displays, packaging, and even t-shirts. In addition, digital graphics for their website and all social media platforms were produced.

A website was also developed using WordPress to further Hangry’s presence online. However, its purpose is for those who would like to view the meal prep information online and contact for other inquiries such as catering. The website had to be simple yet responsive, all while capturing the atmosphere of the place.

Come hangry, leave happy!