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Amati, a well known family name within the music industry—particularly for making the finest violin family (violin, viola and cello). Based in Cremona, Northern Italy, the family of four generations invented the four string violins that we play today.In the 16th and 17th century, the Amatis (Andrea, Girolamo, Antonio and Nicolo) became so famous that the King of France ordered 24 violins. Enriched in history with the ideal location for winemaking, the inspiration for a finely crafted high end vino was established—Amati.

The logo for Amati consists of the two simplified f-holes that the father of the Amati family created. It’s one of the violin’s features that can be easily recognizable at first glance. Having the two f-holes crossed with an arch creates the ‘A’. The typeface used was Times New Roman, with elements removed to modernize and simplify the name. The packaging was hand sewn to tie the concept together. The material used was linen cloth, and was shaped to resemble a violin.

With three Amatis generations, comes three different types of vino that are grown in Cremona. To differentiate each type of grape, the unique label consists of a violin diecut—accompanied with the texture of each wood (spruce, maple, and lime wood) used to make the violins. The back of the label has a history about each Amati generation, along with information about the vino.

“A simple musical note from the violin can always brighten up someone’s day.”